Visiting RITTER SPORT in Waldenbuch. – Experience the world of chocolate!

Discover Waldenbuch’s chocolaty side!

This small town near Stuttgart has less than 9,000 residents. Nevertheless, it is home to an international brand. RITTER SPORT has had its home here, in idyllic Waldenbuch, since before 1930.

Could Alfred and Clara Ritter have chosen a more beautiful location for their company’s headquarters? Doubtful. Anyone who comes here becomes quickly enamoured of the delightful landscape, the city’s special flair, and the Swabian hospitality. Waldenbuch is a place for feeling good, for enjoyment, and a good destination in the Stuttgart region for art, nature, folk culture, and history.

What awaits you here at RITTER SPORT? On some days – when a low-pressure area rolls in – a fine chocolate fragrance descends upon the whole town, warning the residents of impending rain.

But our chocolate factory offers more than just an early weather-warning system. It offers the RITTER SPORT SCHOKOLADEN, for example, with a chocolate exhibition, a chocolate workshop for children, and a chocolate shop for all RITTER SPORT fans.


In the RITTER MUSEUM next door you can delve into a completely different world – namely, into the world of art. Since its opening in the autumn of 2005, the RITTER MUSEUM has been exhibiting RITTER SPORT co-owner Marli Hoppe-Ritter’s collection of geometric abstract art, also offering a diverse programme for children and adults.

Last but not least, there is the MUSEUMS CAFÉ with its ample terrace. Here, delicious coffee and chocolate specialities await you, together with a wonderful view of the almost untouched nature of the Aichtal valley. You see, there are just as many reasons to pay us a visit as there are chocolate assortments. We look forward to seeing you.