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*Truffle Varieties and Truffle Fillings* - The best truffles are found on the chocolate shelf. 5ce067ba023d5cf289f29e96514bc985

The word, truffle, is generally understood to mean a chocolate-like preparation of particularly high quality. It is made from chocolate or cocoa mass, cocoa...  read on

*Vanilla* - The pod with the particular flavour. 530671e9dc9095516d13c278d2fdbcd4

Cocoa and vanilla are almost inseparably connected to each other. The Aztecs also used vanilla to flavour their chocolate drink. Its home is found in southeast Mexico...  read on


Vanillin is the name of the main flavouring substance in vanilla (Vanilla planifolia). The worldwide demand for vanillin is enormous. Approximately 12,000 tons of vanillin are needed each year. However...  read on


Vegetable fats differ from vegetable oils in the fact that they become firm or pasty at 20°C. They are obtained by pressing oil seeds and extracting from them. In order that they...  read on


Fat-soluble vitamin A is essential for our sight. It is also important for our immune system, skin formation, and as a growth factor. Numerous carotenoids - the precursor for vitamin A - function as...  read on

*Wafers* - A couple of irons in the fire. 6ea1b902f3113cb5350e79fb3a0dcde0

Starting with the basic ingredients of water and flour, wafer dough can then be varied with many other ingredients, such as eggs, milk, cream, oil, and sugar. Wafers can be classified according to their shape (flat, round, formed...  read on

*Waldenbuch* -
Warlord’s forest 00faa96ae8374b17c81208322ee2f68b

Waldenbuch lies in the midst of the beautiful Aichtal, on the northern edge of Schönbuch nature park. One could think that Waldenbuch is named after the beautiful forest surrounding it. However, its name in fact...  read on

*Wheat Flour* - When cereal grains turn to dust, or, how to pulverise cereal. 6241f9b816cf3775c3c7803dc2834a94

Wheat is, after barley, the second oldest cereal in the world. Its origins lie in the Near East. The oldest wheat findings date to between 7800-5200 BC. Today, wheat...  read on


Starch is used as a food additive, bonding agent, carrier substance, and bulking agent. It is the most common carbohydrate in food. Many plants make it out of grape sugar starch. It serves as an energy reserve and is stored...  read on


This is a powdered product made from whey. Besides containing biologically valuable whey protein, whey also possesses many valuable minerals and also milk sugar. Whey powder is...  read on

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