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*Alfred Ritter* -  A name with tradition. 93b814629719efd08a7bd76590aa5ec0

For as long as there has been RITTER SPORT there has been the name Alfred Ritter. Since the company’s founding in 1912 its owners have not only passed on the family company from generation to generation but also their name...  read on

*Cacaonica* - An alternative for people and nature. 7bd00fe12bd0e627aa0820bf65602b32

After Mexico, Nicaragua is the biggest country in Central America. Most of the country is part of the humid tropics. Nicaragua is largely an agriculturally...  read on

*Channel Depth* - Bars made to measure. 5fffc5787695d86c5b8adf1c141a47ff

This technical term from chocolate production refers to chocolate moulds. Partitions in the mould create channels between each piece of chocolate in the finished bar. The channel depth of a RITTER SPORT mould...  read on

*Chocolate Mass* - Chocolate is not the same as chocolate. C68c60c1208a09f541ef30b0a1756391

One reason why our RITTER SPORT chocolate tastes so good for so many people is that the best ingredients from all over the world, as well as eleven different...  read on

*Chocolate* - From raw ingredients to great products. 94791cc7fc9288b9cf2f56c1f548917b

Only natural raw ingredients are used in the production of our chocolate. The most important ingredients are cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar, milk or cream powder...  read on

*Cocoa Mass* - The mass makes it. F32d7cfef0423549e8d52740fbca757a

Cocoa mass is a semi-finished product. It is made from cocoa beans that have been cleaned, roasted, peeled, and ground. Finely ground cocoa mass is a basic product for chocolate and cocoa butter production...  read on

*Colour Code* - Keeping it simple. A3c1659ad3c51a44af2e5df2950dbd8b

The “brightly coloured range” has been around since 1974. With it RITTER SPORT succeeded in creating an innovation that revolutionised the chocolate market. Today the characteristic colour of each variety...  read on

*Flavour Protection* - It's impermeable. 79d708087e0c97f2d0aa254a2ce9d911

Flavour protection has enjoyed a long tradition at RITTER SPORT: For many years the modern, recyclable single-material packaging made out of polypropylene has provided optimal product protection...  read on

*Ingredients* - Taste fine quality with the best ingredients. Ba6bb966627e4bde94f13b3656571756

For the best taste, we only use the best ingredients. Whether it is 100% alpine milk, whole, carefully selected hazelnuts, or fine praline...  read on

*Innovation* - Swabians are passionate inventors. Also in chocolate production. B134d3a1acb9c52dd0e3d695c8135401

RITTER SPORT is a family run company. It is not only very conscious of tradition but is also known for its constant eye on the future and the innovations it has...  read on

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