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Egg liqueur, or “Klötenköm” (Low German), or “advocaat” (Dutch) is an alcoholic beverage made from egg yolk, sugar, and alcohol. Due to its high sugar content it is a liqueur. It receives its creamy, thick consistency...  read on

*Alfred Ritter* -  A name with tradition. 93b814629719efd08a7bd76590aa5ec0

For as long as there has been RITTER SPORT there has been the name Alfred Ritter. Since the company’s founding in 1912 its owners have not only passed on the family company from generation to generation but also their name...  read on

*Filled Chocolates* - Coated in abundance. 90ded66da6410d80a0938212562bd623

A clever idea: hollow bars. A cooled mould is filled with liquid chocolate and is then upturned again. This allows some of the chocolate to flow out and leave behind an outer, solidified layer...  read on

*Allergies and Chocolate* - Good to know, good to eat. 70ee0abcec7ef6f308046b31bfc0c8f3

An allergy is an over-reaction of the immune system against certain exogenous substances. As opposed to common allergies such as hay fever, asthma...  read on