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A mere “Well, all right then,” is probably the last thing someone who has just been offered a piece of our delicious RITTER SPORT Praline would say. It seduces with its exquisite blend of 58% milk chocolate and 42% fine praline packed full of hazelnuts. Only fully ripened, handpicked and selected hazelnuts from Turkey are roasted golden brown, finely ground, and used to perfect our praline. All this can only result in creating a hazelnut praline that is unforgettable to the palate. When the aromatic nutty taste of our creamy fine praline beautifully mixes in the mouth with our milk chocolate’s rich cocoa flavour, you will understand why this fine beauty of a bar from 1935 is a square milestone in this family’s success story.

RITTER SPORT Praline is also available as a RITTER SPORT Mini Chocolate.

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Chocolate mass:
We use our classic milk chocolate in our RITTER SPORT Praline. This is a finely blended mixture of milk and West African cocoas, as well as fine cocoas from Papua New Guinea and Madagascar.

Got into shape:
In order to evenly distribute the fine praline cream throughout the square, we use our 100g mould with medium channel depth. This chocolate square has a particularly good snap quality to it, so everyone can get their piece without any problems.

Praline, on the go in Italy:
RITTER SPORT Praline’s popularity with our Italian neighbours could have an historical reason. The invention of delicious praline was actually a stopgap solution, which the people of Turin came up with as a result of excise duties placed by Napoleon. Because the French demanded lots of money to import cocoa beans from South American, traders mixed hazelnuts into their chocolate. That was one tax that the whole world has profited from! Merci bien, Bonaparte!

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